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Video Gallery of The Voices of Spring

Voices of Spring is an NGO created by Galina Rodionova in Tajikistan. She began to make video recordings of rural musicians since 2007. Galina organizes musical meetings and trainings for rural children since 2008.


Now some of these children receive musical education in Tajikistan capital Dushanbe. Singing makes them happy. Voices of Spring  work with musicians and filmmakers. They taught children to play musical instruments and to work with a video camera. Voices of Spring write scripts for their movies and create music and songs.


Music helps representatives from different cultures and generations to find a common language.


The Voices of Spring

1. The first words of this song in translation from Tajik mean "The day I leave this world". The day I leave this world, find my world. Among the many love stories, find my love story. Tajik singer and composer Subhoni Said created this song at the end of his life (1960 - 2016).


Jurabek Khudoyorov sings, hi is from Panjakent (Tajikistan). The video was made in 2014 in KAUST (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology) campus. Alexander Chernenkov made the audio recording (Russia, 2015).

2. "Look into my heart"- are the first words of the song. I like Tajik poetry and I thank Tajik people, who keep this poetry in everyday life, not only in libraries. But I must note the huge difference in attitude towards women - in this poetry and in everyday life. Women do the hardest work - washing in ice water, carrying heavy loads, etc. Women in Tajikistan are beautiful and talented - they are worthy of respect, care and support, not only in verses. Rural schoolboys Sipehr, Shohon and Fuzail sing Tajik song "Look into my Heart".

3. "Rafti" means "Gone". Sipehr is leaving to study in the city. Mom and family see him off. Grandfather blesses him. And now the native kishlak is over. The author of music is Salomat Aozova. Arranger is Shavkat Mastonov. The shooting took place in the autumn 2012 in Zeri Khisor village (Tajikistan).

4. The photos were taken at the training sessions "Voices of Spring" in 2013.The author and performer of the song is Salomat Ayozova. Shavkat Mastonov accompanies.

5. Mijgon Ibrohimova, schoolgirl from the Garibak village, and Guljahon Gulmurodova, schoolgirl from Navobod village (Panjakent district, Tajikistan) sing. Saodat Juraeva, from Penjikent, is dancing.

Welcome to our chayhana!

6. Talented children from different kishlaks have gathered in Panjakent for musical training. Before departure they suited a concert for themselves. Their teacher wanted to sing too - in his song he has told the story of his love.His ex-wife and sick son were among the listeners. For someone it is film-concert. Someone will see history of love and forgiveness. For me it is attempt to answer the question how to build relations with those who were very close to us and whom we have left... I did not script in advance, the script has developed from sights, songs, tears and smiles. Maybe the love has passed, but insults have not covered the joy, and music can recover it. And children - they are talented and so fragile and they require support.

7. Shavkat is a rural musician. To contain family, he sells ice-cream in the rural club. Salomat lives in a small kishlak, she composes songs about unfortunate love. Music which is born, is the music of Salomat and Shavkat. This music withdraws heroes from market realities. Rural children join in the creative process. They are singing children from kishlak Hussar: Sino Kholov, Fuzail Razzokov and Jurabek Khudoyorov. Khosiyat Hamrokulova performs the dance with a teapot.

8. Artouch is tourist camp in Tajikistan. You see the moments of the training sessions "Voices of Spring" in Artouch (June 21-24, 2010). The author of music is Salomat Aozova. The arranger is Shavkat Mastonov.

9. June 4-5, 2011 were announced as the days of Penjikent in Dushanbe. So I invited three boys from the Penjikent district to participate in this event. Official actions finished before lunch of the first day, but we stayed in Dushanbe one day more. We visited Botanical garden, tea-house 'Rohat', a zoo and Komsomol lake. Boys sung theirs favorite songs, basically with lyrics of Loik, theirs countryman. People listened with pleasure. Therefore, the video can be named "Day of Panjakent in Dushanbe". Jurabek Jurakoul, Sino Muhriddin and Fuzail Razzokov sing.

10. You see the moments of the training sessions "Voices of Spring" in Panjakent and Varzob (Tajikistan). Talented children work with the teachers of singing, but we try, that children would swim for a while, have played, etc. Salomat Ayozova is the author of this melody, Shavkat Mastonov is the arranger.

11. The village of Zeri Khizor is located in the Penjikent district (Tajikistan). There are many singing children, you see some of them here. The author of music is Salomat Aozova. The arranger is Shavkat Mastonov.

12. We wanted to make a youth musical. Members of our team "Voices of Spring" created the music and script. Rural school students played all the roles except the role of teacher. This work is our contribution to overcoming poverty in Tajikistan. Ozod Ermatov plays the role of Apollo.

13. The photos were taken at the training sessions "Voices of Spring" in 2012.The author of music is Salomat Aozova. The arranger is Shavkat Mastonov

14. Salom means Tajik greeting, as well as the name of the protagonist of the film. Salomat Ayozova is a resident of kishlak Bahor (Penjakent district of Tajikistan). Living in kishlak, she experiences the hardships of housekeeping - cooking withaut electricity, washing in cold water, etc. But she writes poetry and music. She creates the beautiful melodys. She knows four languages. Salomat created the NGO 'Nuri Umed "(Ray of Hope) to support marginalized women and carrying out the projects. This documentary is dedicated to her musical creativity.